Image by Maksim Shutov


Organikos is the transliteration of οργανικός—the Greek word for organic.
Our story begins in the fast-paced city of Mumbai, where the hustle leaves little or no time for people to take a step back and assess their desire versus diet for delectable delicacies. My husband is a foodie, my kids' love their cakes and we bake a lot at home – this trifecta made me want to create Organikos – Healthy Delicacies & Treats which guarantee:

  • yum-bum (as my daughter would say it)

  • organic (zero sugar, zero maida, zero preservatives, organicingredients)

  • eggless

Organikos is not just a business, it is an attempt to spread awareness and the message that really delicious food can be healthy and nutritious at the same time.
Every dish is handcrafted, raw and organic – no fancy decorations –from my heart to your hearth.